Sacred Space

We work on a state of optimal wellness through releasing, clearing, balancing, repairing and empowering the entire physical, mental and energetic bodies.

At our core essence, we are all genetic, mental, emotional and energetic beings who are always changing. When all aspects of who we are integrate and synchronise, we can achieve greater energy, vitality and clear intent.

The holistic view that the body mind and spirit are intrinsically connected, just like the physical body. When one area is out of balance the whole system can be compromised as other areas try to compensate, the same method applies with the chakra system and etheric body.

​​Unless balanced energetic energy can remain embedded within the etheric field for decades, causing unhealthy patterns to repeat frequently, and more notably causing physical illnesses. In fact, approximately 90% of all physical illnesses are linked to negative energies trapped within the etheric field. Removing these negative energies allows one to truly heal the Root of physical and/or emotional disease so that you can move forward in life with a healthier physical body and with fewer repeats of old patterns and behaviors. ​
Healing and adjusting the Etheric Body leads to tremendous, and often immediate results. Diseases are caused by blockages and restriction of energy flow, or at times, too much flow of energy near vital organs. In either case, the energy flow is disrupted, unbalanced, and eventually manifests in the physical body as pain or an organic disturbance of some kind. Emotionally, disruption in energy flow results in the formation of limiting thought patterns and cyclical thought forms that keep us stuck in an automatic negative response to challenges. Removing the energetic disturbances allows us to eliminate the Root energy fueling disease and patterning, greatly increasing the efficacy of traditional medicine and cognitive work. Even when other modalities have failed in the past, healing the Etheric Body in conjunction with these modalities leads to new, amazing results because the disease is healed from the Root, or the OUTside, IN.
Contact Number: 0498121885
Address: bondi
Suburb: sydney
State: NSW

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