Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to using PYOB?
Promote Your Own Business is provided as a free marketing tool for your businesses.

Can I register multiple business listings?
As soon as you create an account with PYOB you are able to create multiple classifieds. Please feel free to register your business and any other business that you have permission to register.

Why can I select a 2nd Category?
If your business can be classified under more than one category we have given you the ability to classify this free under 2 categories. If there is only 1 category that matches your business please only select the mandatory one.

What if my business category doesn't exist?
If your Category doesn't exist please assign the closest match and our dedicated team will review your classified and create a better category for you.

Does PYOB offer other services?
PYOB doesn't just offer the promotion of your content, we have a team that can help you build your business website from purchasing the domain name, designing the site, building it, Search engine optimisation to hosting. PYOB can help you with every aspect of launching your business online.
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