Professional Business Documentation

At Penden Solutions we are always looking to provide other avenues of expertise to help our clients. Recently, we have brought on board a Professional Documentation specialist to enhance your probabilities on closing sales deals, providing spectacular presentations, or even preparing a business plan to present to your investors or bank.

If you are looking for a generic template, you will not find this at Penden Solutions, you are better off using Google to find these!

In our specialists own words “many salespeople do everything correctly throughout the sales process, especially establishing their rapport with their contact, finding out the pain points and discussing budgets. This is generally all done on a one on one situation verbally. As well as having done all of this, they are constantly wondering why, after all of this effort, they do not close the deal.”

“With over 20 years’ experience within the sales field, our specialist will take into account how many other people within a company will also need to read through a copy of the proposal.”

At Penden Solutions, we can write you personalised documentation that will be able to be understood by any of the stakeholders who will read it, in a manner that they will all understand, thus gaining greater buy-in and greatly increasing the success of closing the deal.

We provide the following personalised writing services:

-        Sales proposals
-        Business Plans
-        Presentations
-        Websites
-        Speeches
-        Reviews of all of the above

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